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Longears are mammalian creatures with a life expectancy of around thirty-five years to forty years.

Individuals that have lived to be fifty years exist but make up a minuscule fraction of the species.

Longears of high age (Forty and plus) have generally succumbed to disease and sickness and require the continuous aid of their tribe to survive.

Habitat and Housing

Their preferred area of habitation are thick forests, located near a human settlement of some kind. They primarily use caves and abandoned buildings created by humans as shelter.

In the absence of the aforementioned two, primitive huts which they will create themselves will serve as their alternative.

Hunting Strategies

The species is predominantly carnivorous but will eat anything if they are in danger of starving.

They have no specific prey they hunt and will simply capture, kill and eat any mammal they encounter, including humans.

Their legs are highly developed, giving them enormous jumping capabilities, enabling them to traverse the trees of their dwelling and stalk whatever prey they have set their sights on.

The initial attack will always be a leaping strike from above, which will often have a lethal outcome for the prey.


Longears are capable of shapeshifting. Their original form is a bastard hybrid between a wolf and a grossly overgrown rabbit which is extremely animal like.


They also possess a humanoid form which is widely preferred among the species' individuals. In this humanoid form, traits of their real nature are still present, namely, their long ears remain, which coincidentally is where the common name for the species, Longear, originated from.

Their shapeshifting is advanced to the point where they can shift parts of their body at a time, making them excellent hunters that are deadly in close combat. Despite their intelligence, their primary weapons are their large claws.

Regional Differences



The shapeshifting process is not without it's risks as it causes excessive strain on the body and immune system.

After years of shapeshifting, issues including chronic pain, numbness, light paralysis and various other symptoms will arise.

Longears have taken on the misguided belief that putting bandages on their extremities will delay this deadly process.

Living in the group

The common tribe is based around a hierarchical structure with a minimum of ten and up to thirty members.

This small society is centered around a dominant leading figure who assigns roles to every member of the tribe, examples being hunting and distribution of produce and reserves.

Longears are very social animals who are shown to be capable of empathy, kindness, compassion and sensitivity towards members of their own group in contrast to their crass aggression towards unfamiliar individuals.

One tribe consists of several families, but blood relationship doesn't matter to the individuals, they consider the tribe as a whole as their family.

This mentality leads to them bonding over various activities such as sharing meals and baths or braiding one's hair.

They value comradeship highly and disagreements between individuals are not tolerated and usually get silenced by the group's leader.


The life of the traditional Longear is very simple. However, each tribe participates in recurring rituals of their own.


Ranks determine the superiority among the Longears outside of the clear leader structure. These ranks are established by tattoos. The placement of the tattoo decides the rank of the individual.

The leader bears it on the face while their direct subordinates have theirs on the torso. The next lower rank has the tattoo placed on their arms and the lowest rank among the tribe bears theirs on their legs.

The rank plays a major role in determining the daily duties of each Longear as well as their privileges and their position in the hierarchy.

Ranks are chosen by solely the tribe leader, with several attributes playing a role in the decision. For example, the behavior in the group, strength and agility in a fight, as well as strategic competence are factors.

Behavior between different tribes

Longears are highly territorial, so when 2 tribes encounter each other, it is mostly due to the fact that one has the intention of increasing their territory, and thus provoking a fight.

These fights happen regularly, and only end if one leader gives up and has his tribe retreat, making their opponent the winner and handing over the piece of land.

If neither leader gives up, they fight until one of them dies. The survivors of the defeated tribe are usually given the option to join the winning tribe. In other cases, they can be chased away, forcing them to find a new home or even be slaughtered.

However, there exist various locations at which Tribes meet for friendly trade and banter. These areas are accessible to all tribes equally and their locations are well guarded. Longears primarily trade information, food, and clothes. Many tribes simply attend to participate in the always ensuing consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Trade is, however, limited to whatever the Longears have stolen from humans.

Religious Beliefs

Religious beliefs are a regional topic. In northern areas, several tribes have their own deities which they worship, hoping for mild winters and other positive influences.

Being this spiritual is not the norm in Longear society though.


Appearance is really important to Longears and they make use of almost anything they can find to make themselves stand out.

They wear cloth made by humans that they altered to their own liking, and decorate it or their hair with jewelry, feathers, bones, flowers, chains, anything. Really, anything goes.

It goes without saying that there's a wide variety of different hairstyles.

Their outer appearance is used to impress members of the opposite sex. Males especially have to try hard to win someone over.

They also can use it to intimidate enemies.


Upon turning sixteen years old, a Longear is considered an adult member of the tribe. This is celebrated with a festival the tribe puts on which lasts from dawn until late at night. The initial rank assignment for the now adult Longear by the tribal leader happens during this celebration.

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Longears chose only a single partner all their life which makes them strongly monogamous creatures.

Sexual maturity is reached some time before they are officially recognized as adults by the tribe.

The process of choosing a partner is entirely separate from all other tribal matters such as the hierarchy, duties or age.

A lone Longear will start to actively seek out single individuals of the opposite gender after reaching full sexual maturity. This point in time varies between individuals but happens some time after being recognized as an adult.

This process is driven by their instinct. Due to their low life expectancy and slow growth into adults and sexual maturity, the time window to care for their offspring until they can care for themselves is limited.

However, even if no suitable Longears are present in the tribe, they will not leave their family behind and set out to reproduce.

In general, same sex partners are highly unusual since their short lives and long childhood make their breeding instinct very strong. Even though they are intelligent to a degree, most Longears are unaware of the concept of homosexual behavior and partnerships.

Each tribe handles this topic differently however.

Behavior around and towards Humans

Longears are natural predators and stand at the top of the food chain. They are the only natural enemy of humankind. In recent years, this hunting behavior has changed considerably.

In the past, cattle was the prey of choice. Humans themselves were also hunted, killed and eaten due to their lack of capability in fighting back and protecting themselves.

In current days, Longears have started to use their humanoid forms, with their ears concealed beneath a hood or similar apparel, to lure humans into a trap. This tactic is mainly employed by the children of the tribe, whose strategy revolves around pretending to be injured or lost.

Once the prey come too close, the adults close in and the often unsuspecting humans become the tribe's next meal.

Travelers, especially traveling merchants, are the most preyed upon humans in this case. Clothes, valuables, spices, drugs and food are all taken from the humans before they are eaten.

Small villages, located near a forest, are also often the target of the Longears.

However, in recent years, humans have developed weapons for use against Longears and created strategies to protect themselves from this predator. Small parts of the military are even specialized on Longear-hunting by now.

Even though humanity is technically more advanced, and Longears are unable to make and use tools, they still perceive them as inferior, pathetic creatures who have no worth apart from being exploited.

Yeah they are very prideful creatures.

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